Close Your Eyes

In my “Book I” of poetry, this is the seventh entry. However, the first two lines came to me much sooner, and it took several days for me to figure out the rest of it. Being one of my early poems, it’s extremely cliché. I don’t think Brenda cared for it at all.


Close Your Eyes
© W. Scott Grant
December 11, 1984 2:40 am

Close your eyes and look at me
Then tell me what you see
Can you see it?
Is it really there?
Because what you can’t see
Is what I have to share.

Close your eyes and look around
See the air and see the ground
See the beauty
And all the love
And if you can
You’ll rise above

Close your eyes and look inside
And see the rising tide
You’ll see yourself
As never before
It’s like the ocean
Crashing on the shore

I’ll close my eyes and look at you
I see only what is true
I see the God within
The grace you have received
I see the love you have
So do not be deceived

Now open your eyes again
And see me as your friend
I say I love you
You say the same to me
When we set our sight aside
Our love is truly free.

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