The Angel’s Message

I struggled trying to find the right poem to post this particular day – the 16th anniversary of Brenda’s death. We spent 17 wonderful years together, and even the last year and a half, spent in the nursing home, she was still an inspiration. I remember many good times we had together, and how we stuck together during the challenging times.

This poem was written the prior year, as my Christmas poem, which was sent to everyone on our mailing list. I had no idea when I wrote this how true the message would be.

A year after Brenda’s passing, I met the woman who is now my wife. We’ve been married for almost 15 years, and these have been very happy years for both of us.


The Angel’s Message
© W. Scott Grant
Christmas, 2000

Meditating on the meaning of Christmas
Alone in my room, late one night,
An angel of God came to me
I looked in wonder upon the sight.

“Why have you come to visit?” I asked,
“Are you here to say my wife will soon die?”
“No, Scott, I bring you a message from God,”
She said, “Special news from on high.

“He knows about your troubled soul,
And the many nights you sleep in tears.
He sent me personally to comfort you
And give you hope to conquer your fears.

“Jesus was born on Earth, two thousand years ago,
It’s why we celebrate Christmas
But often overlooked is the true meaning
Not the birth, but the events that came to pass.

“Jesus taught us the Word of God,
By living His life through His Father’s will.
A lesson many people have embraced,
But, unfortunately, many have forgotten still.

“Your years with Brenda has taught you much,
Yet there’s more for you to learn.
You saw how she shared the love of God,
Now, Scott, now it’s your turn.

“Like Jesus resurrected, you will be reborn
Your love and faith in God will shine
As bright as the Star of Bethlehem”
I doubted, “Is this destiny really mine?”

“Not destiny or fate! You know that!
For all men, God offers a choice.
Jesus taught we could all be like Him
If we only choose to listen to His voice.

“God lives within us all,” the angel said.
“Jesus came to teach us, and show us the way.
This is what Christmas is all about,
And why I came to visit you today.”

The angel then kissed me on the cheek
She wrapped her arms around me, holding me tight.
“Remember,” she whispered, pulling away
Then she vanished from my sight.

“I will,” I said. “I’ll never forget.
I’ll share your message, like Jesus would do
I’ll write the message in a poem,
It’s what my wife, Brenda, would do.”

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