Christmas Lament

Welcome back everyone! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving Weekend. As it is the official kickoff of the Christmas Season, I thought I’d share some of the Christmas poems I’d written over the years. We’ll start with this snarky sarcastic diatribe I came up with in 1998. Enjoy!


Christmas Lament
© W. Scott Grant
December 19, 1994 5:40 pm

They’re filing lawsuits in the State House
No public displays of religion
Separation of Church and State, you know
The government has no joy this season.

Look out for January One
The most important gift of the year
Form 1040, Federal and State
So much for Santa and his reindeer.

Can we celebrate the birth of Christ?
Only if you do it the “Right Way”
There’s even an argument
Over whether He was born Christmas Day.

What has happened to Christmas?
What’s left to celebrate?
The stores are begging for your dollar
But your credit payments are late.

So let’s get the family together
We’ll have turkey, ham, and a pitch-in
But be sure to schedule two nights
Because Cousin Fred hates Uncle Tim.

All this lament does us no good
It’s a waste of time to complain
At least we get the day off work
To sit at home and watch it rain.

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