Neuith – Three-Dragon Ante Tarot


Since the topic just came up on Facebook, I thought I’d go ahead and post this here so people who are interested can take a look.

A bit of background – MANY years ago, my first wife taught me how to read Tarot cards. I’d like to say I was good at it, but in an incredibly subjective format, it’s really hard to say. I’m usually good at reading people – not in a creepy psychic way, but just gauging their personality and quickly identifying their issues. Using the cards helps by framing answers, and by the end of the session, I’ve accomplished a bit of counseling.

Being the creative guy that I am, I used my own card layout. It’s not that I didn’t like the popular Celtic Cross format, I just wanted to take things a step further where I could build on the relationships between different cards. I guess it was my inner game-designer poking through, right?

So last year, when I started the D&D campaign, I had the great idea of somehow incorporating the 3-Dragon Ante deck into my world. This was before the mini-quests where the cards were lost throughout the land and were actually oubliettes each with a trapped dragon from 1500 years prior. The first idea was to create a Tarot deck. In the sewers of the city of Linne, the party encountered a peaceful tribe of lizard-folk led by a wise woman. In trade for stuff, she offered to reach the cards for each character. I prepared this in advance (pre-selecting the cards) and had it written out what each character’s fortune would be. (I ought to go back and re-read them to see how accurate my early predictions were! They were level 4 at the time, and presently they are almost level 12!)

For that session, I figured out a meaning for each of the cards. To keep things simple, I only made one meaning for each card regardless of its orientation. Also, I created a custom layout format that represents the body-parts of a dragon (head, tail, body, claws, wings, and breath). It’s all in the attached document.

I couldn’t begin the try to do a reading with the cards without the document, because I don’t have the meanings memorized. Though there’s no reason it couldn’t be done. As for real-world application, that’s up to you. I would never attempt a reading with these cards in a real-world setting.

Let me know your thoughts and feedback. I’d appreciate it.


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