Through a Cat’s Eyes – 15.1

Spring Planting, Mother’s Day 17, Year of the Lion number 428; February 28, 1739 Agathon; Linne 182 I’m finally on the road again. Yes, it’s been a while since I wrote in my journal, but today was quite the day and I wanted to get it all down. After leaving Hiltmar two days ago, I […]

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Restoration © W. Scott Grant November 8, 1994 10:45 pm Scanning my memories Reviewing my life Walking in the past Remembering my dreams Awakening my heart Refilling my soul Breaking my chains Tearing down my walls Healing the hurts Curing the pain Strengthening my resolve Clearing my mind Looking to the future Dreaming of things […]

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Universe Form

Universe Form © W. Scott Grant August 4, 1996 Take me away To another place Another world Another reality I walk with you On a breathless journey Into chaos Chaos becomes form, constant I understand, I know I am the master of my world But you are my master I control my reality But there […]

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A poem about poetry? I’ve never done that before! 😉   Poem © W. Scott Grant July 5, 1994 Words and thoughts meet In the swirls of time and space Where there is no meaning Only chaos Joining together Taking for as an idea Germinating, fertilizing Compounding, another and another Doubling, doubling again Feeding on […]

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Mother’s First Love

Mother’s First Love © W. Scott Grant April 27, 1998 7:45 pm I couldn’t compete with your favorite I never had a chance, mother This love of yours came first always Despite the consequences I don’t speak of my sibling This other love came first I don’t speak of my father He could only be […]

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