My Resolution

I’ll admit, this is a pre-scheduled post. I’m actually writing this on Tuesday, 12/19/17, two days before going in for surgery on my elbows. This means I don’t expect to be able to do anything productive for at least a couple weeks, but I wanted this particular poem to be published on the first day of the year.

And yes, it is TRUE. I made the resolution when I was 16. Who else among you can say you’ve made a New Year’s Resolution and kept it for thirty-seven years (and counting)?

My Resolution
© W. Scott Grant
January 22, 1996 8:30 pm

How many New Year’s Resolutions
Have you made and broken?
Are you serious about change
Or is it just token?

People want to make changes
Spend less or lose weight
Perhaps an attitude adjustment
Or maybe find a date

But I’ve done something special
I’d say it’s rather clever
I made a resolution long ago
To never make another!

2 thoughts on “My Resolution

  1. Thanks! I just happen to be online doing some maintenance.

    My elbows are healing nicely. Saw the doc this morning to have the stitches removed. I’m cleared to return to work and I should be good to go for playing hockey by the 21st. Woo hoo!


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