Long Road Home

Long Road Home
© W. Scott Grant
October 21, 1998 10:20 pm

Tires beating rock and roll rhythm
Sunset ending to a long, hard day
Amber waves turn to black
Flirting with the limit all the way.

Big black-wheel behemoths
Left behind, standing still
Dashes flashing – an illusion
Mind wanders, time distilled.


I remember the circumstances that inspired this poem… has it really been almost 20 years ago? I was working at a job where my time was split between programming and developing in the office and driving to clients to install, support, and train them in how to use the software I was working on.

This poem I wrote after driving back to Indianapolis from Fort Wayne, Indiana. I think I had visited 3 or 4 clients that day, at it was very late when I got home. I remember watching the sun set over the north-east Indiana farm fields as I drove south on I-69.

I’m really grateful that my current job doesn’t have me traveling like that!

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