Universe Form

Universe Form
© W. Scott Grant
August 4, 1996

Take me away 
     To another place
Another world
Another reality

I walk with you 
     On a breathless journey 
     Into chaos

Chaos becomes form, constant 
     I understand, I know

I am the master of my world 
     But you are my master
I control my reality 
     But there is no reality without your control
My thoughts pervade my existence 
     But without you, there can be no thought
Bring me home 
     Precious Lord, my Loving Master
I am your slave 
     But, by you, I am free.

3 thoughts on “Universe Form

  1. Cue X-Files theme music… No, really, I do believe that true faith is stepping beyond the paradox and realizing that you can only be free to be yourself by giving yourself wholly to God.


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