Inspire Me

Inspire Me
© W. Scott Grant
October 19, 1994 8:20 pm

Read to me your words
Tell me of your life

Touch my heart
Draw me your picture

Share your memories
Bring tears to my eyes.

Make me laugh
Force me to smile

My mind is working
My gears are turning

You’ve done more than you know
You’ve inspired me!

8 thoughts on “Inspire Me

    1. Ah, now I get why the poem is dated so far back. I just read your about section. I haven’t played D&D in eons!!! Decades…..I may not chat much in here, but I will follow. :o)


    1. Thanks! Maybe I should complain more often 😉 but I’m really not that kind of person. At least I TRY not to be! (There are a few of my poems where I do let my inner self show in that regard…)


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