© W. Scott Grant
February 22, 1999 8:15 pm

When I finish reading 
     This brand new poem
You might laugh or 
     Breath uh hum.

But as the next person 
     Haltingly reads
Spilling a heart’s love 
     Speaking of needs

What of my poem 
     Have you forgotten?
(Or am I just  
     Spoiled rotten?)
Do you remember what  
     My mind had wrought?

     Probably not!


This poem just needs a bit of context. During the mid-to-late 90s, Brenda and I attended multiple poetry groups where we read our own poems aloud. I noticed, even for myself, that as poems were read publicly, many of the poems were quickly forgotten in favor of the next – ones that were funny, sparked an emotion, or just had a dynamic method of delivery. That’s what this poem is about.

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