The First of April

The First of April © W. Scott Grant April 1, 1985 1:35 pm Acrostic At this time the world will end People everywhere will cry Run, run around, lost for lie I will survive, escape the sky Living forever, immortal am I Facts and lies are ended now On this fateful day, I shall bow […]

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Through a Cat’s Eyes: 16.2

Summer Growing, Shader’s Day 10, Year of the Lion number 428; August 5, 1739 Agathon; Linne 182 My original plan was to write this sweeping journal entry about the glory and splendor that is Featherscar, Mirascai. I set out this morning to find one of the highest points to look out over the city and […]

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Open Your Heart

Open Your Heart © W. Scott Grant July 26, 1985 1:25 am Show the inside Of your heart If not to Someone else Then show your heart To yourself Open your heart See the pumping blood See the mighty machine That is vital to life. Open your heart See the pain inside Deal with the […]

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