Shakuhachi / The Sound of Beauty

Shakuhachi / The Sound of Beauty
© W. Scott Grant 
August 4, 1996 3:10 pm

(1) Haunting … 

          (2) Sustaining
              Rapture of the soul?
                       The spirit?

     (3) No thought
         No plan
         No guide
              But that which guides
              From within

(4) Freedom

                (5) The wind enslaved
             The air held fast
         In bondage
      Channeled through wood
    To form

(6) The sound of beauty


This helps to understand this poem:

Brenda and I went to Flagstaff, Arizona, and attended a convention for “like-minded individuals.” During this convention, I wrote several poems. This is one of them. The formatting shown here isn’t quite the same as what’s in my hand-written book, but it gets the idea across.




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