The Windows of My Soul: Song of My Soul (#148)

Song of My Soul (#148)
© Brenda
January 30, 1980 2:00 am

Man of Galilee
The living Christ
That gentle man
Upon the Cross.

Every day I smile
Thankful for seeing
Sunshine of my being.

Singing of glory
Teaching what I know
Words I hear forever
The song of my soul.

Sunshine of my being.
Song of my soul.


Brenda’s family converted to Catholicism when she was a child. While she loved the church she grew up in, there was one thing she railed against more than once: The centerpiece of almost every sanctuary is the crucifix. She said (paraphrased), “Jesus came down off that cross and proved he was God. Why do we keep nailing him back up on it? We don’t worship a dead god. We worship the Living Christ.”

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