The Windows of My Soul: Forever Old (#151)

Forever Old (#151)
© Brenda
June 6, 1980

Forever old
White bright sight
As the stars
Fill the night

Forever old
White bright light
As the sun
Fills the sky

Forever old
White bright might
God of yore
Day and night

Forever old
White bright right
God of love
God of life


This poem marks the end of one of Brenda’s “life phases.” At this point, the divorce is final and she’s finally free of her ex-husband. There are still struggles. After moving out of the house they built in the suburbs, she moved in to a 3-room apartment attached to her parent’s house with her 7 kids. The oldest son joined the navy and the oldest daughter got married and moved away. The youngest was only 10, but wise beyond his years.

Life was turning around for her. In order to get insurance coverage for the kids, her only option was to go on welfare – considering her ex never paid a dime of court-ordered alimony and child support (occasionally she’d get a check from the state when they managed to garner a tax refund, but that was rare and undependable.)

She also discovered that by enrolling in college, the money she’d get from grants, loans, and work-study would be enough to make the difference and make ends finally meet.

Life wasn’t going to be easy, but at least things were looking better. This change in perspective is evident in her poetry.

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