The Windows of My Soul: Poets and Poems (#156)

If you ask a well-read poet who her favorite poet is, you get a poem!


Poets and Poems (#156)
© Brenda
August 30, 1980
For Rufus Reiberg, PhD

I love all
I know
Of Coleridge
Of Shelly
And of Yeats

I love all of
Sara Teasdale
And could read
Dusk to dawn

Midnight moon upon a pond
Flowers among the stones
April showers, sky high towers
And reams, reams of poems.

Settle down
With Chaucer
John Donne
A roaring fire
Love Lord Byron

D.H. Lawrence
And a sunny garden
Thompson, Dante
And reserve
A lofty, holy place

Don’t ask me for my favorite
Raindrops on life’s stones
Responding deep within my soul
To reams, reams of poems.

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