Untitled Poems

Through my collection, I found these untitled poems: Untitled © W. Scott Grant January 14, 1986 Of all the sins in the world, Hypocrisy is the greatest; For without hypocrisy, there would be No sin.   Untitled © W. Scott Grant Undated – between 1985 and 1992 Everything I say and do Is overshadowed By […]

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Exercise 5

Exercise 5 © W. Scott Grant (Taken from an assignment, exercise 5) February 11, 1985 2:30 am Experiment ~ In books, text books, history or article. Arrange ~ Some non-evident quality. Remember ~ You can change the way it’s seen. Think ~ Humorous, or serious effect.

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My Take on Session Zero

There are a lot of discussions about Session Zero and what should be discussed. You can find numerous blogs, articles, and pages. I did a quick Google search on “Session Zero RPG” and it says there are about 172,000 results. And I’m going to add one more? How is mine going to be any different […]

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Through a Cat’s Eyes: 16.1

Summer Growing, Shader’s Day 9, Year of the Lion number 428; August 4, 1739 Agathon; Linne 182 I didn’t realize until after I left Shrinehall that I’d written in the last page of my journal. I didn’t want to put my log into my other book – the one where I draw pictures of mystical […]

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