Flowers © W. Scott Grant January 6, 1985 1:45 pm There are many kinds of flowers That we see on Earth Roses, carnations, and violets These flowers are special. There are more flowers Not of earth and ground But of space and sky That grow with time. Wind flowers, sky flowers Flowers of space Flowers […]

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Other People

Other People © W. Scott Grant November 30, 1984 1:45 am One question, many answers. Why? Greed, basic and simple Because they all want more. Lust, women and men Want the others in bed. Envy, they see good Want it for themselves. Jealousy, inside themselves They want pain for all others Misunderstanding, who knows? Because […]

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Death © W. Scott Grant March 10, 1985 6:50 pm Flash and it was over stars clouds sky streaming past to Pearly Gates winged people ~ Heaven ~ I made it!

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