The Story of the Shylk

The Story of the Shylk
© W. Scott Grant
May 15, 1985 1:55 pm

Yes child, I have slain your father
He was an evil man
But I shall spare you, young child
You denizen of the land.

I’ll tell you why I do this
To comfort your young soul
You are young and innocent
I feel that you should know.

Your father sailed a sailing ship
From northeast to southwest shore
He was a pirate man, killing
And stealing from the poor.

I am the Great Sea Shylk
The power of the sea
I reign justice to all the oceans
The great powers granted me.

I guard the fish and water
From the like of evil men
I’m sorry he was your father, child
But peace I do defend.


If you haven’t noticed already, I’m a game designer. I remember creating my own games when I was very young. In 1985, a friend and I decided to write our own RPG system and setting. This poem was written in support of that effort, which ultimately went nowhere. I don’t even have the notes from that project. I think this is the only remnant. – wsg

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