The Windows of My Soul: I’ll See You in Jerusalem (#165)

I’ll See You in Jerusalem (#165)
© Brenda
March 10, 1981 2:50 pm

When you hear the drum’s roll
When the trumpet calls you to come
The Lord will appear to bless us both
And then, I’ll see you in Jerusalem.

You may run away, hide your face
Or about a storm into the wind
But the Lord our God already knows
Your destiny, and mine, in Jerusalem.

Do you not know that Jesus Christ
Has chosen you so long ago
And you agreed, so all paths lead
To home, Jerusalem, across the sea.

Embrace the Lord, the risen Christ
And defend with me, hand in hand
The glory of Jesus, our Savior and friend
So come, my love, to Jerusalem.


According to the notes, this poem is based on a dream one of her children had. Unfortunately, I don’t know the story about it, nor do I currently have the ability to ask that person.

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