The Windows of My Soul: Bouncy ~ Ball (#174)

Bouncy ~ Ball (#174)
© Brenda
June 13, 1981

Let’s play bouncy-ball
After all
Who can hurt a witch?

We’ll bounce her
Up and down the stairs
What matter
If she’s pregnant?

We’ll kill her
Cannot chance
That force unleashed.

We’ll come and go
When we please
Constantly invading
Her privacy.

We’ll push her
To insanity
Use her wisdom
Mock her face.

We’ll never take her
On a date
Who wants to
Embrace a freak?

We’ll drink and fuck
The night away
She doesn’t do
That kind of thing.

We’ll hate her
The empty void
Inside ourselves.

We’ll condemn her
To an eager Hell
And pray to God
To chain her well.

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