© W. Scott Grant
January 6, 1985 1:45 pm

There are many kinds of flowers
That we see on Earth
Roses, carnations, and violets
These flowers are special.

There are more flowers
Not of earth and ground
But of space and sky
That grow with time.

Wind flowers, sky flowers
Flowers of space
Flowers of time
These are special flowers.

They are the most beautiful
For they are the flowers of love.


If you’ve been keeping up, you may have figured out that most of my own poetry is posted. Unlike what I’m doing with Brenda’s, where I’m posting in order, mine are chosen from my collection based on whim or feeling. There are still plenty of my poems left for me to post, but we’re getting to the point where I’m more and more reluctant to post them. For a variety of reasons. This one, for example, feels forced and verges on trite. Others are deeply personal and situational, that I’m not sure I want to share – considering those feelings are history.  -wsg

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