This poem requires a little context. In 1985, I was only 20 years old. I left home, joined a family and suddenly was thrust upon me all the responsibilities that entailed. A lot of really bad decisions were made! If I knew then what I understand now, I can’t imagine how different life might have been!


© W. Scott Grant 
April 27, 1985 8:50 pm

     phone bills and 
     electric bills and 
     gas bills and 
     water bills and 
     sewage bills and 
     tax bills and 
     postage bills and 
     bills for this and 
     bills for that

All the lousy, expensive bills
because they all want money, 
     money for electricity, 
     money for gas, 
     money for money, 
     money for life, 
     money for love, 
     money for children,
money, money, money, money
I ain’t got no money
I need more money,
I beg for more money,
Please give me some money 
     so I can
Pay all these bills!

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