The Windows of My Soul: Among the Thorns (#183)

Among the Thorns (#183)
© Brenda
July 21, 1981

The sower has sown His seeds
Some fell on fertile ground
But some are blinded by the thorns
That choke them all around.

The hate the world, this lovely world
God’s beautiful creation
They shake in fear, unholy fear
For any free will taken.

The gaily sing of Jesus Christ
Swear by His blood upon the Cross
They claim Him theirs exclusively
And say whom He may love.

They fear to take a trusting step
In tolerance and consideration
They think we all should live in fear
Ignoring the glory of Creation.

They will not see the hand of God
Our God of love, the God of life
In all the beauty of the world
Or in their brothers’ faces.

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