The Windows of My Soul: The Crystal Garden (#198)

The Crystal Garden (#198)
© Brenda
August 7, 1982

I have walked other worlds, around other stars
And remember the way quite clearly
I walked in a crystal garden with God
On a shining planet of light.

He said ~ There is something I want you to do
On the planet you call home
While others could do it, you’ll do better
This task I’m quite frankly asking of you.

The way will be hard, the hurt even harder
Your senses will be blocked and bound
Few will understand, less will care
That the truth of love is eternal.

Call out to the world, your blind, fallen world
Insist that everyone listen
To the message you bring from the source of life
That God and His love dwell within us.

And so, I am here, on this darken world
And though I would speak as the angels
Very few understand, even less care
That God lives, and love is forever.

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