The Windows of My Soul: Why Have We Forgotten? (#199)

Why Have We Forgotten? (#199)
© Brenda
November 3, 1982

Why have we forgotten,
Humanity and I,
From wence we are begotten
And why we spring to life?

We think we are immortal
Our sense gone awry
But never smell the flowers
Or see the sunset sky.

We’re taught that pleasures painful
Then revel in our pain
Thinking that it’s wonderful
To cripple life’s domain.

We hide our secret thoughts
Our joys, our prayers, our hates
Judging them unnatural
Wounding ourselves with shame.

We surround ourselves with strangeness
To dull the aching void
Where once life’s natural order
Sparkled joyfully with love.

When will we remember,
Humanity and I,
To reach out and touch each other
Touch the Earth, and the star-filled sky?

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