Felicity © W. Scott Grant September 20, 1985 Doing the dishes Or cleaning the house She’s wild and crazy She squeals like a mouse. Turning in the air Dusting all the way Sweet and pretty The person of the day. She’s dancing in the kitchen Just watch her and see Soapy, sweepy, rock and roll […]

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Big Dice (Song parody)

Big Dice (Parody Lyrics by W. Scott Grant/To the tune of Big Balls by AC/DC) March 2016 When I’m talking RPG society God’s gift to GenCon notoriety And I always fill my dicebag The games are never small The fanzine pages say I’ve got The biggest dice of all I’ve got big dice I’ve got […]

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Never Deny

Never Deny © W. Scott Grant July 26, 1985 1:10 am It is so easy to hurt Cause pain Scream and yell Pain in the heart Mind and soul It is hard to love To open up And discover Love in the heart Mind and soul It is hard to differentiate Between Love and pain […]

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