© W. Scott Grant
December 18, 1984 7:30 pm – posted 7/12/18
Our house was broken into, ransacked, and robbed. This was also the day Brenda’s right eye started bleeding on the inside and led to her becoming legally blind.

Many things have happened
Some without warning
Some without meaning
All without reason.

We are special, no doubt
But to be victims
As we are now
For me, this is not fair.

It is a test for us
I guess, I guess
To suffer as we do
Feel pain as we do.

My love for her
Her love for me
Is strong and true
It does not need testing.

We have been stabbed at
With strength and might
But nothing can stop us
Nothing, nothing at all.

We will survive
Though hard it may be
We’ll forge ahead
We will be free.

I will help her
And she will help me
We are back to back
Against the challenge of society.

We do not need this
So, please, give us a break
But I know, oh, I do
That life was never fair.



Yeah, I found a bunch of newer poems written after Brenda passed away in 2001. However, there are still a handful of poems I wrote before then that I haven’t posted here yet. I’ll continue to post Brenda’s in order, but mine still get posted somewhat randomly. 

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