What is Best?

What is Best?
© W. Scott Grant
May 4, 2000 11:25 pm

It would be so easy to be mad at God right now

But I know better.
I can only pray that He does what is best
And for my own personal feelings to not interfere
With His plan. Whatever they may be

Do I love her enough to let her go?
I know she has friends waiting ~ calling.
Is it selfish for me to want her with me?
(Despite her condition?)

I don’t know God’s plans.
Sometimes I’m not sure He does either.
I DO know this:

She’s touched so many lives in a positive way,
Given so many people hope, encouragement and love

That she deserves a place at the Master’s Table
So, if her time is to go soon,

Or if it isn’t yet to be for many more years,
It must be known that

I am who I am
I am what I am
Because of her

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