© W. Scott Grant
May 7, 2000 12:35 am
Corrections made by my mother, Marsha L Greenshields-Grant
Based on the true account of my great grandfather, Jim Greenshields (1863 – 1941)
At the starting line with Fritz and Fred
Jim waiting for the starting gun
Stake your claim, the Homestead Act, they said
Cimarron Strip, The last and greatest run.

He surveyed the land the day before
But they said, “You don’t have a chance.”
“Someone has to get beat,” he swore
As they waited to start the big dance.

The gun fired and the race began
Women rode astride, men, and children all
Thousands of people, their dream to own land
Surging forth, answering the historic call.

Jim rode hard for twenty miles straight
Riding on Fritz and leading Fred
Leaving the others behind to their fate
Nothing but open plains ahead.

When Fritz gave out, Jim set him free
Riding Fred, his dream would surely be true
Not another ‘steader as far as the eye could see
Toward the promised land, horse and rider flew.

A grove of pecans that was perfectly round
Round Grove Township was its name
Jim Greenshields planted his flag in the ground
My Great Grandfather had staked his claim.

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