My Socks

My Socks
© W. Scott Grant
August 25, 2002 1:12 am

Would you please sort my socks?
Is this too much to ask?
White with white, black with black
It’s really a simple task.

For this I’ll win your bread
And take you many places
I’ll clean the bathroom for you
And memorize your cousins’ faces.

I’ll read to you each night
And mow the lawn each Saturday
I’ll tell you how lovely you are
Regardless how much you weigh.

If you’ll please sort my socks
It’s not too much to ask
Plaid with plaid, plain with plain
It’s not that hard a task.

I’ll hold your hands in that sacred place
And tell you that I do.
Check to see if my socks don’t match
To see how much I need you.

So please come and sort my socks
It’s the only thing I’ll ask
Me with you, you with me
Loving you forever will be my task.

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