The Windows of My Soul: The Windows of My Soul (#239)

The Windows of My Soul (#239)
© Brenda
February 11, 1985 2:00 am

Dancing soul
Creature of light
You share in my dreams
You brighten my life.

You knit me a sweater
You sing me a song
You write all my poetry
You right all my wrongs.

You play my piano
Classics and light
Creating an outlet
Sparkling and bright.

You read all my books
Fiction and truth
And science fiction
Mental gymnastics.

You cook for my family
With spices and herbs
Gourmet to pizza
Even hors d’oeuvres.

You love all my children
And those yet to come
You love my husband
Whose love is so strong.

You inhabit my being
Creating and loving
You walk in my footsteps
A romance of living.

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