The Windows of My Soul: Dream (#250)

Dream (#250)
© Brenda
April 14, 1985 4:00 pm

I had a dream the other night
The scene I saw was quite a sight
I saw a vision of sound and light
Dancing across a landscape bright
Music swelled into the night
Reaching upward toward new height
Bells chimed, ringing bright
Joyfully pealing through the night
Colors spun and spiraled tight
Like a soaring, wind-caught kite.
Then came the storm full of fright
To smite the brightness of the night
To silence the music singing bright
To destroy the colors dancing light
Lightning flashed, flaming spite
Thunder roared, giving fright.

The storm raged as if insane
Lightning flashed with deadly fang
The thunder roared its eerie bang
The music swelled and fiercely sang
Bells clamored as they rang
The colors grouped into a gang
Defending, flashing as they sprang.
I gazed in awe, my soul remained
Entranced by the surreal refrain.

The landscape shook, curling tight
Protecting itself from the fight
A fearsome volley of sound and light
Then to my wonder and delight
I beheld an amazing sight
The music thundered, roaring fight
Bells clashed, shouting might
Colors flashing spears of light
Forcing the storm into flight
Defeating the intruding spite.
My sleeping self with dreaming sight
Observed the triumph of the right
That left me sleeping without fright
Restoring the quiet of my night.

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