The Windows of My Soul: The Strangeness of My Thoughts (#269)

The Strangeness of My Thoughts (#269)
© Brenda
October 29, 1987 2:20 pm

Sitting in the fast food place
Canned music playing softly
I hear the heartbeat of the city
A myriad experiencing of people
The electric current of life.

Standing at a major intersection
Wind blowing through my hair
I watch the people
The waxing and waning of hope
The faces young and old.

Walking through the crowded streets
Cluttered with litter, proud with trees
I see the veined arteries
Through which ebbs and flows
The life of the city.

Inside my mind, inside my soul
I see the varied currents
With certain knowledge
And I wonder at the
Strangeness of my thoughts.

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