The Windows of My Soul: Garbage Girl (#286)

Garbage Girl (#286)
© Brenda
February 27, 1992 1:40 am
This is NOT for Scott

You throw me your refuse
Dirty dishes, dirty socks
With smiling assurance
That it’s important work.

You need me to cook your meals
Mop the floors, chase the dust
I am your garbage girl
Incapable of anything else.

You think me weak and childish
From your world of manly pride
Condescending to protect me
From the ugly woe of life.

Yet you cannot do without me
For your solace, in your need
I am your bulwark, your bastion
Of constancy and strength.

I stand squarely beside you
Your support in everything
Your jewel, your treasure
The flower of your life.

You think I cannot understand
Your lofty turn of mind
Yet you give to me the shaping
Of your children, well defined.

Which is it, callous one
From your manly pride of right
Am I weak or am I strong
And why do you fear my mind?

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