The Windows of My Soul: Among the Manger Scene (#290)

Among the Manger Scene (#290)
© Brenda
December 2, 1992 12:30 pm

Sometimes I think I’d like to be
Very small indeed
So I could wander unobserved
Among the Manger scene.

As if the figures were alive
I’ll be transported back
To share the wonder and the joy
Of that first Christmas night.

I’ll see the shepherds in the fields
The angels in the sky
I’ll hear the singing glory
Of music from on high.

I’ll wait with great expectancy
The coming of the Kings
To see their wondrous majesty
The treasures they will bring.

And maybe Mary, knowing of
The yearning in my eyes
Will let me hold the infant Babe
In these mortal arms of mine.

Then I’ll be myself again
Outside the Manger scene
With memories treasured in my heart
Of the love that Christmas brings.


Brenda and I were participating in a monthly poetry club during this time. After reading this poem, one of the others in the meeting choked up. We asked him why, he said something like, “You think you’ve heard and seen every way the Christmas story can be told, but every once in a while, someone comes up with something new.”

Brenda wrote a short story based on this poem, dedicated to that individual. She even named one of the characters after him. I will share the short story some time in the future on this blog. Her intent was to write a series of five stories telling the same event from five perspectives. Three of them were completed before she fell sick and was unable to continue the project.

I think these stories, inspired by this poem, would make a great short play. I tried to write it as a script, but it doesn’t have the same impact as this original poem.

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