The Windows of My Soul: The Tyrant (#305)

The Tyrant (#305)
© Brenda
November 14, 1993 10:15 am

This gift is a Tyrant
Enchanting me in its spell
Showering me with the
Magic potion of inspiration
t surrounds me, entraps me
I must write.

I am imprisoned in myself
A solid block of emotion
Happiness, pain, or tears
It doesn’t matter what or where
I must write to free myself
I must write.

Awakening in the night
Fretful from restless sleep
Or standing on a downtown street
Life excitingly around me
Poems ringing in my mind
I must write.

Everything is set aside
Sleep, hunger, flowing life
Held entranced, enthralled
Encircled by swirling thoughts
The poem is supreme
I must write to free myself.

Howling like trapped animals
And excited as a wide-eyed child
Wondrous on Christmas morn
Driven by this awesome Tyrant
I write
I write.

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