The Windows of My Soul: Embrace the Light (#313)

Embrace the Light (#313)
© Brenda
February 6, 1994 11:38 pm

What is light? From the sun or the moon
From a switch on the wall of my cheery room.
What is light? There is no quotation
No adequate definition. I can offer an explanation.

The mystics and saints equate God with light.
Warm and loving. Suppose they are right.
Think what a difference it would make in our life
If we knew the light was His radiant sight.

Light surrounds us, whether sinner or saint.
There are no exceptions, absolutely no restraints.
It gives us energy to live each new day
It gives us life as with God in His way.

Light is eternal, necessary as air.
As God is eternal, infinitely there.
Reach out to our God, embracing His light.
Accept His love. It is your divine right.

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