The Windows of My Soul: Maelstrom (#323)

Maelstrom (#323)
© Brenda
July 30, 1994, 11:50 pm
For my teachers, the muse, and especially Samuel

I want to tell you how much I love you
All who have helped me understand
This passion that rages through my being
Wildly dancing in my heart.

Roaring throughout my entire body
Transfixing my attention
Tingling through into my fingertips
Singing enchantments into my soul.

I am caught in a web of emotion
Exploding fireworks of thought and idea
Bursting brilliantly into my mind
Firing my imagination.

You have taught me with quiet devotion
How to tame this maddening maelstrom
So I can again retain my sanity
And give to you my poem.

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