D&D Inspired Limericks

D&D Inspired Limericks
(c) W. Scott Grant
December 13, 2018 11:30 am

Today on Facebook, someone posted a limerick based on D&D. This inspired me to write my own:


Allessia was a dwarven cleric of life
Who refused to fight with sword and knife
She called upon her god
“Freya, please give me a nod”
When the Rakshasa said, “Please be my wife!”

Gilfoyle was a young dragonborn man
Who grew up far away from his clan
He threw a rock at the wall
And down, it did fall
From the city he was then banned.

The owlbears came, the situation was dire
When they killed a boy and his sire
Agnes the farm-wife, a-lass
Had a bloodline of dragon, brass
Her magic awakened, she burned them all in fire.

When the king’s coded message was broken
And the party went after the magic token
The gold dragon they freed
Not a drop did they bleed
All thanks to their trickster rogue, Moken.

A hero’s death is a terrible thing
Especially on a mission for the king
Forgetting won’t be hard
Because of the bard
We all just wish she could sing!

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