The Windows of My Soul: Angel Lullaby (#328)

Angel Lullaby (#328)
© Brenda
Feast of Saint Nicholas
December 5, 1994 1:41 am

The song rang out to a shepherd’s heart
Late it was, the midnight hour
The sheep were quiet as he looked about
To find the source of the heavenly choir.

He knew it must be a divine occasion
Only angels could sing so sweet
To ring through his soul and eternity
To touch his heart and make him weep.

As wide-eyed he stared at the chorus of angels
The shepherd yearned to understand
Why they came to Earth with their cradle song
And as if to touch them, he stretched his hand.

To know for himself to whom they sang
He followed the music through the night
To find the reason for his happiness
And why his feet seemed to dance in delight.

He found a baby in swaddling clothes
He found a couple young and shy
He saw a stable piled high with straw
He saw beyond his human eyes.

He saw a world that is yet to come
The peace and joy love can bring
He knew at once whom this child must be
The Messiah come, the newborn King.

Shepherds and Magi came to the stable
To celebrate the Savior’s birth
To gaze in wonder and forever remember
They were there when He came to Earth.

Awed to the very core of his being
The shepherd now knew the reason why
Music filled the bright, starry sky
As angels sang a soft lullaby.

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