The Project

The Project
(c) W. Scott Grant
December 22, 2018 10:00 am

There once was a developer named Joe
Who, to a project, couldn’t say ‘no.”
He sent his code for review
They said, “This simply won’t do.”
They showed him the door and said, “Go.”

They then assigned the project to Bob
Though many thought of him a snob
He tried and failed
His ship had sailed
At the end of the day they turned off his fob.

Next they gave the project to Lamar
Who many considered to be a rising star
His perfect, elegant code
Couldn’t handle the load
Last we saw him he was carrying a box to his car.

So they brought in a contractor named Jack
Even though many considered him a hack
The specs he didn’t understand
The results were quite bland
They ended up showing him out the back.

This project was the top of the priority list
Even though the deadline had already been missed
The customer was mad
The salesman was sad
For no one could unravel the logical twist.

The CEO came and said, “Here’s what we’ll do.”
What they want is akin to primordial stew
We’ll tell them it’s done
Even though it’ll never run
We’ll cash the check and retire where they can’t sue!

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