The Windows of My Soul: In the Beginning (#332)

In the Beginning (#332)
© Brenda
March 13, 1995 6:14 pm
Inspired by:
“Pathfinder”, by Medwyn Goodall, on the Earth Healer CD (released 1991)

The music fills me with swirling pictures
Emotions I find hard to define
There is something primal, a glimpse
Of what it must have been like

In the beginning…

Over the eons the ground rose and fell
The seas flooded, the retreated
Everything was new and green, and still
Then the Life Carriers walked the Earth
As the olden gods of the time before
The planet with life they seeded.

Carrying life from far-away stars
To experiment with new living forms
They seeded the oceans, the briny deep
And the ground heavy with giant trees
Waiting with the patience only gods have
While the sky grew heavy with storms.

Majestic cliffs rose to great heights
As life came into being, slowly
From the fish swimming in the seas
And the birds conquering the air
To what would become our evolving life form

Down to me…

And the music that fills me wholly.

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