The Windows of My Soul: Remember Me (#335) and The Clown (#336)

The following two poems were based on a poetic challenge: “How would you like to be remembered?” or “What do you want on your tombstone?”

These are the last two poems in this volume.

Remember Me (#335)
© Brenda
May 16, 1996 7:15 pm

Remember me, I am your friend
Your sweetheart and valentine.
I sang at our wedding
And laughed at the stars
You said you were forever mine.

Place roses here upon my grave
Reminding me of our life
The many wonderful years we shared
Living together, loving each other
Happy as husband and wife.

Until you join my here, my love
When we’ll be together again
Let me sing to you in your dreams
While I wait with the stars
For you, my forever friend.
The Clown (#336)
© Brenda
May 16, 1996 10:40 pm

Here lies me
I’m underground
Lucky me
The sorrowful clown.

You laughed at me
And never saw
The many tears.
I saw them fall.

I cried for you
Foolish me
You though me silly
Funny and carefree.

But deep inside
My sorrow borne
Now I’m free
Do not mourn.


What follows? There is a short volume of poetry that Brenda wrote between 1985 and 1986 that chronicles her trip to Europe a few years before. This chronicle doesn’t have an official name, and the poems aren’t tagged with time and date.

I think there’s some other poetry she wrote after 1996, but I’m not sure. She also wrote two short stories based on the Christmas poems, Among the Manger Scene and Angel Lullaby. Her plan was to write four stories, but her illnesses began to accelerate in 1996, rendering her less able to work on her writing projects.

It’s fitting that these two poems conclude her primary volume, The Windows of My Soul. I don’t believe that was ever her intent, but her life was filled with interesting coincidences.  -wsg

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