This blog is so that I, IndySligo, can express my thoughts, rants, ravings, and whatever else. I don’t really care if I get followers though it would be cool if I do.

Most of what I’ll be discussing is the development behind my D&D campaign setting. While I think it is cool and all that, I wouldn’t be able to publish it officially due to numerous copyright violations. That’s okay. I can still talk about and reference things on other sites.

I might throw in a few blogs and articles about other things going on in my life should the inspiration strike me. Besides D&D, I’m into table-top board gaming, some video gaming on my PC, and I play recreational hockey. I have a full time job where I am a data quality analyst.

If nothing else, I get to practice my writing techniques.

If you are new here, and you want to start at the beginning of Kabize Vipertree’s story, here’s the link: Through a Cat’s Eyes – 1.1