Culture in RPG

While vacationing in Maui, Hawai’i, I spent an afternoon at a local game store and participated in that group’s D&D session. Swan, the DM, created a homebrew world that I believe to be somewhat unique and clever. Basically, in a post-apocalyptic Earth, an alien force has “gathered together” many of the Pacific Islands, including Hawai’i, […]

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Revised Wild Magic Surge Table

This replaces the Wild Magic Surge Table presented in the D&D 5e Players Handbook on page 104. It is offered as a transformative rule change for those who wish to use it. Below I’ll explain why I created it. 6/18/2020: I want to encourage people to go to DMsGuild, purchase and download the latest version […]

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Z’Nt’Sh; The Trails of the Tabaxi

Unique, homebrew character class for Tabaxi characters in the Neuith setting Author’s Note This is an untested homebrew character class designed specifically for my Neuith setting, especially for my (NPC) character, Kabize Vipertree. If I ever get a chance to properly playtest this character class, I’ll post it on D&D Wiki. Introduction In Neuith, all […]

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3-Dragon Ante?

Three articles in one day? Absurd! Slow day at work. So far, I’ve had two tasks that each took less than 10 minutes and I attended a phone-in meeting that lasted about 15 minutes. Shh… Don’t tell the boss. The theme of three kind of segues into the focus of this article, the 3-Dragon Ante […]

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