A New Journey

How long has it been? For someone who enjoys writing, I’ve been rather quiet as of late. Perhaps too many projects going on? With every turn there seems to be more, too. And there’s that other thing. Projects? Let’s review those first. Gaming. D&D. You know about that. A few months ago, I was asked […]

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Just a quick note…

Hey all, I know you’re expecting me to post new poems every day. Well, tomorrow is the Thanksgiving holiday (in the U.S.) and part of a 5-day weekend for me. For normal weekends, I’ll set up and schedule posts while I’m away. I just don’t feel like doing that right now as I have a […]

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Reaching out to the world

I’ve been doing this WordPress blog thing for about 6 months. Growth has been slow, and since I’ve been posting poetry, my exposure has expanded quite a bit. But I want to focus on one little aspect… The “Countries” data shown on the Traffic page. I think it’s a lot of fun to see new […]

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Elbows Elbows Elbows

On this blog, I haven’t talked much about myself. I’m supposed to be talking about gaming (hence the name: IndySligo Gaming) but there are many things going on in my life that aren’t gaming that I’d like to talk about anyway. Don’t get me wrong – gaming is still a major part of my life! […]

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