D&D and Neuith

From this menu, you can get to all posts about D&D, Role-playing in general, and my Homebrew Neuith setting.

From the menu (above), you can get to other articles as well. I just turned on comments for this page. I’m opening the flood-gate: if there’s something you’d like for me to discuss here on my blog, please let me know. No guarantees. Some topics might be better handled on other sites, and if I can, I’ll refer you there. But if there’s a topic I feel I can add to, above and beyond what else is “out there,” I’ll write up my thoughts and add them. Thanks!

It Started with The Heir of Linne

There Were Twelve Witches Bold

The Great Curse


A Paradox of Desire

3-Dragon Ante?

Sligo Utilities

Z’Nt’Sh; The Trails of the Tabaxi

Dice Mechanics are Inherently Broken

Revised Wild Magic Surge Table

20 Questions for a Homebrew Setting

Dragon Deck Mini-Quest Series

My Take on Session Zero

Culture in RPG

Amendments, Corrections, Revisions, and the Lesson of Time

Agency and the Amusement Park

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