My Poetry

This page contains links to all my poems. As more are added, I will update this page accordingly.

I’ve never given the collection a name, nor do I think I can. Perhaps some future chronicler can? At this time, I’m not entirely comfortable sharing my full bio, but as you ready my writings – whether they be my poems, my prose, or my opinions, you might get to know who I am.

I hope you enjoy what I have to offer. I don’t claim to be as talented as Brenda. Mine is a distinctly different style, though there’s no doubt her influence can be detected in my work.



The Angel’s Message

Assignment One and Formalities

Born Rich

Caged in a Forest

The Cauldron of Oppression and Politically Challenged

Christmas Lament

Christmas Story

Close Your Eyes

Consequence (#1, #2, and #3)

Contest Loser

Crystal Box

The Cursed Engagement Ring

The Darkenmore Swamp Chronicles

Day’s End

The Dragon’s Dagger

The End is Near

False Prophet and A Waste of Ink


Gentle Smile

The Gift of Christmas

God’s Poetry, What is a Poet?, and Fickle Muse



I Reached Out For You

I’m Fine, If Only You Knew, and Leave Me Alone to My Tears

Imitation Poems

The Inconsiderate Boar

Inner Turmoil

Life Gone By

Long Road Home

Love and Hate (A Poet’s Perspective)

Marching Orders


Mother’s First Love

My Resolution

My Soul is Your Soul

Of Pencil Kind

Paint by Numbers Poem, Funny Poem, Two Limericks, and an untitled poem

Password on My Heart; Infinity, The Rope, Armor, and Some Days

Peaceful Arguments


Psychic Adultery

Random Chance


The Rose Petal

The Source

Stay Away

The Stream

Too Late, FDR, and Y2K Gloom and Doom

Toppings, Don’t Park Under a Tree, and Mom’s Sacrifice

Toys, Toys and Widget

Trouble on Stonecrystal Island

Two Dates

Universe Form


The Voyager

We Are Not Ashamed

What Have I Caught?

Who Killed Mister Dean?