Falling © W. Scott Grant September 20, 1994 4:30 pm Falling. Swirling colors, shapes, undefined forms. Grasping for reality. A reality. Any reality. Threads. Colors, connections, forms. A net. Breaking the fall. A landing. Where? Dreamscape. Otherworld. Different. Nothing is the same. Nothing is everything. Searching. Seeking something. Something familiar. A point of reference. A […]

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Candle © W. Scott Grant August 7, 1996 3:00 pm A single flame Gently burning the wax Flickering when caught by the breeze A fragile life An existence of energy Is it not so much like us?

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Spoiled © W. Scott Grant February 22, 1999 8:15 pm When I finish reading This brand new poem You might laugh or Breath uh hum. But as the next person Haltingly reads Spilling a heart’s love Speaking of needs What of my poem Have you forgotten? (Or am I just  Spoiled rotten?) Do you remember […]

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