Living in Love

Living in Love © W. Scott Grant June 10, 1985 11:40 pm Living, long life Birds chirping in the morning Sunrise ever beautiful Early rise, long day to live Living in love. Living, long life Lunch bells, ringing out Filling the stomach Sustenance for the afternoon Living in love. Living, long life Dinner bells, ringing […]

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This poem requires a little context. In 1985, I was only 20 years old. I left home, joined a family and suddenly was thrust upon me all the responsibilities that entailed. A lot of really bad decisions were made! If I knew then what I understand now, I can’t imagine how different life might have […]

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Window © W. Scott Grant March 27, 1985 2:45 pm He walked up to the window “Hi! How are you?” This person looked familiar I studied him close Tall, lanky, brown hair, brown eyes Familiar ~ He walked to me and said “I know you.” I reached to touch him He reached to touch me […]

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