Poetry by Brenda

Through several conversations on different blogs, I decided to start my own page featuring poetry – specifically my own and that of my first wife. This will be quite a huge project overall, because there are several hundred poems to type.

I must point out that my first wife’s poetry is protected by registered copyright and permission is not granted to share, distribute, or re-post without my expressed permission, or where a specific poem has already been published through another source. Since her death in 2001, I am the owner of her copyrighted work, and it’s taken me this long to make the decision to share it to the world in this manner. I ask that you, readers of this blog, respect her memory and integrity.

During her life (1940-2001), she wrote under three names: Brenda Hopper, Brenda Bischoff, and Brenda Grant. Hopper was her maiden name, Bischoff was the name of her first husband, and Grant is my name. For simplicity, I will “sign” each poem with just “Brenda.” Understanding her life, through her poetry, you might come to understand why I do this.

The collective name of her works is “The Windows of My Soul.”